Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Remove an offense spirit

S - http://bible.com/100/ecc.10.1.nasb Dead flies make a perfumer's oil stink, so a little foolishness is weightier than wisdom and honor.

O- this proverb basically says you can be the world's best human for 95% of the time, but when you respond or act poorly for even for a moment it carries a large weight onto  your quality in the eyes of others. With God their may be grace, but in the eyes of others an offense overshadows the love you may already have deposited.

A - The application for me is to recognize that I do this frequently.  I erase what deposits in the hearts I love most with harsh cutting words in moments of frustration.  I need to repent when I do fall short, as well as work on not giving up on being a better representative of God's love by denying the spirit of retaliation or offense.

P - Lord I need your help.  I stumble over the same issue for years, I pray you would remove this defensive and retaliatory spirit in me.  I pray all this in Jesus name.

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