Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Correcting my plans, back to God's plans

S- Isaiah 30:1 NLT
“What sorrow awaits my rebellious children,” says the lord . “You make plans that are contrary to mine. You make alliances not directed by my Spirit, thus piling up your sins.
Isaiah 30:15 NLT
This is what the Sovereign lord , the Holy One of Israel, says: “Only in returning to me and resting in me will you be saved. In quietness and confidence is your strength. But you would have none of it.
Isaiah 30:18-21 NLT
So the lord must wait for you to come to him so he can show you his love and compassion. For the lord is a faithful God. Blessed are those who wait for his help. O people of Zion, who live in Jerusalem, you will weep no more. He will be gracious if you ask for help. He will surely respond to the sound of your cries. Though the Lord gave you adversity for food and suffering for drink, he will still be with you to teach you. You will see your teacher with your own eyes. Your own ears will hear him. Right behind you a voice will say, “This is the way you should go,” whether to the right or to the left.

O - Isaiah was prophesying to the Israelites who were seeking refuge in Egypt, as the exile was coming their way and the Babylonian empire was being utilized as a means of correction and punishment for Israel.  It is interesting that the Israelites once again seek refuge not in the Lord but back to Egypt where they were once saved and then slaved.   These prophetic words are a reminder to what God would say to them and to us who are torn by current circumstances and impending valley seasons that there is a righteous way to respond and our gracious Lord is there either way, the path though is up to us to choose.

A - The application for me is to recognize my own season of unexpected circumstances.   My plans were for James to come to Pearl Harbor as shipyard commander , for me to make 06 and become the Operations officer under him.   I now recognize that my plans were contrary to Gods, and that I put efforts and alliances in places that were not all directed by the Holy Spirit.   I must now return to God , seek his face, and find rest in Him.   I am so thankful to have such a God of grace be the Lord of my life, He is waiting on me to come back to Him and seek His voice and direction.

P - Dear heavenly Father, thank you for today's word, that you might speak into me the truth of my ways.  I confess Lord, I have had many plans that were not guided by you, but thought of by me.  I had placed my hope and trust in them, and not in you.  I confess that my attitude and outward actions have not been humble and full of your love, and that my pride is creeping back out front.  Thank you for this gentle correction.  I pray Lord for your Holy Spirits guidance on where I am to walk today.  I pray all this in Jesus name, Amen.

Monday, April 21, 2014

A simple faith in Jesus

S- Matthew 8:2-4 NLT
Suddenly, a man with leprosy approached him and knelt before him. “Lord,” the man said, “if you are willing, you can heal me and make me clean.” Jesus reached out and touched him. “I am willing,” he said. “Be healed!” And instantly the leprosy disappeared. Then Jesus said to him, “Don’t tell anyone about this. Instead, go to the priest and let him examine you. Take along the offering required in the law of Moses for those who have been healed of leprosy. This will be a public testimony that you have been cleansed.”

O - The man who approached Jesus for healing from leprosy showed us two things:  great faith, and how to approach Jesus in prayer.  First the faith to having likely only heard of Jesus and his healing power, and perhaps never having ever seen Him before,  the man approaches Jesus and humbly submits his request to Jesus,  knowing that he could heal him.    Second we see him requesting to Jesus, much as Jesus later modeled and spoke to the disciples about how to pray... "...give me this day my daily  bread...thy kingdom come, thy will be done...." 

A -  The application for me is to recognize that my faith and prayers can be sharpened if I would place my complete trust in the Lord.  Trust that His will is better than mine.  Trust that He can do all things,  and I can do all  things through Christ, who strengthens me.  

P - Dear heavenly Father, thank you for today's lesson, may it be sealed to my heart.  I pray Lord that you would continue to speak truth and life into me, through your word,  through your holy spirit, and through Jesus.   I humbly submit that I desire a growing faith, that trust's more, and waits patiently.  I pray all this in Jesus name, Amen. 

Thursday, April 3, 2014

One true God and King of All

S -  Judges 17:6 
And in those days there was no King in Israel, and each man did what is right in his own eyes.

O - This is the challenge that the Israelite faced after they where delivered into the promised land.   In Egypt they were captive under Pharaoh.  Under Moses, led by God they were led out of bondage.   Under Joshua they were led to take the promised land and defeat it inhabitants and claim their promise.  Now they have settled into their promise from God but they have forgotten that all along that God was their Lord and King and not a man.  They were given written down commandments to follow, but eventually they end up in this condition where each man simply does what is right in their own eyes.   Micah in this chapter is given silver by his mother to form a graven image to worship and makes himself a priest.  This is what is right in his own eyes despite what the History of what God has done for the people of Israel.

A -  It saddens my heart to make this comparison with our own country, whose values and leadership have gone from One Nation,  Under God.  To one nation, under many gods.   To a moral relativism that teaches and encourages individuals to seek and create their own truth and be true to your own truth.  In other words do what is right in your own eyes.   It is easy to see what a slippery slope that is and what trouble it can get you into if there is no absolute truth about which we center ourselves.  So I must first apply the lesson to myself and my family, that I commit I will live by the truth that God has put in the Bible, that there is one God, that he sent his son Jesus to reconcile my sinful self with his righteous self, so that I may walk connected to Him, and be a part of His kingdom her on earth, and one day in heaven.

P - Dear heavenly Father thank you for this lesson today, may it be sealed to my heart.  I pray Lord that you use me and lead me to point people back to the absolute truth that you are our Lord , and our Savior.  If we choose to follow the Truth we will be aligned with the One true God, if not we will be alone and fighting against the forces of this world.