Sunday, June 24, 2012

Godliness accompanied by contentment

Godliness accompanied by contentment

S - 1 Tim 6:6-12 (NASB)
  But godliness actually is a means of great gain when accompanied by contentment. For we have brought nothing into the world, so we cannot take anything out of it either. If we have food and covering, with these we shall be content.  But those who want to get rich fall into temptation and a snare and many foolish and harmful desires which plunge men into ruin and destruction.10 For the love of money is a root of all sorts of evil, and some by longing for it have wandered away from the faith and pierced themselves with many griefs.
11 But flee from these things, you man of God, and pursue righteousness, godliness, faith, love,perseverance and gentleness. 12  Fight the good fight of faith; take hold of the eternal life to which you were called, and you made the good confession in the presence of many witnesses.

O- Paul's advice to Timothy came from likely some years of experience in walking as a Christian.  He helped formed new church's bring new believers to the faith, and shepherd them to walk in the ways of Christ.  He also saw the various responses to Christians with regard to their faith and their walk.  He spoke these words to Timothy to encourage him to stay focused on the calling to a different life, one seperate from the the world, but one in which a great amount of contentment resides.

A - Paul's words are timely and encouraging to me today.  I travel through a season of "in between" trying to figure out where I belong and what I am to do.  I am reminded that the contentment as part of my pursuit of being godly is critical so that I don't become distracted to seek the riches of the world out of my desire for comfort.   Instead focus on pursuing righteousness, godliness, faith , love, perserverance, and gentleness.

P - Dear heavenly Father, thank you for today's lesson, may it be sealed to my heart.  I pray Lord that you would hold on to me and not let me fall from your path and your ways.   I pray all this in Jesus name, Amen.

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