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My life as a lamp stand

My life as a lamp stand
S - Exodus 25:31-40 (NASB)
 31 “Then you shall make a lampstand of pure gold. The lampstand and its base and its shaft are to be made of hammered work; its cups, its bulbs and its flowers shall be of one piece with it. 32Six branches shall go out from its sides; three branches of the lamp stand from its one side and three branches of the lampstand from its other side. 33 Three cups shall be shaped like almond blossoms in the one branch, a bulb and a flower, and three cups shaped like almond blossoms in the other branch, a bulb and a flower—so for six branches going out from the lamp stand; 34 and in the lampstand four cups shaped like almond blossoms, its bulbs and its flowers. 35 bulb shall be under the first pair of branches coming out of it, and a bulb under the second pair of branches coming out of it, and a bulb under the third pair of branches coming out of it, for the six branches coming out of the lamp stand. 36 Their bulbs and their branches shall be of one piece with it; all of it shall be one piece of hammered work of pure gold. 37 Then you shall make its lamps seven in number; and they shall mount its lamps so as to shed light on the space in front of it. 38 Its snuffers and their trays shall be of pure gold. 39 It shall be made from a talent of pure gold, with all these utensils. 40 See that you make them after the pattern for them, which was shown to you on the mountain.

O - O.K Lord, I get it, even though the scriptures are seemingly full of details that someone like me find not that interesting, they are full of history and symbolism which is significant, and therefore reveal more about you.  Here we see God giving detailed description of a lamp stand to Moses (a midst a full detailed description of the tabernacle in which God's people where to meet with God).  In verse 40 God reminds Moses to make them after the pattern which He has already shown Him on the mountain.   These details matter to God because He is paying attention to the details of His creation.  He is also so interested in our trusting Him with the details and following Him out of love and obedience, because that lack of trust and relationship  is what led to Adam and Eve mistakenly separating themselves from God.   The lamp stands themselves provide a multitude of possible purposes and meanings.  The practical purpose was to light up the Holy of Holies, for it was the inner sanctuary where no outer light could be seen.  The lamp stands (menorah) where made of 75 lbs of pure gold, and symbolized purity and light on God's sanctuary.  From the Gospel perspective the lamp stands represent Christ, the light of the world, shining light on God's truth.  It also represents Christ's followers who are to be a lamp unto the world, shining light toward's Jesus.

A - The application for me is to understand that God's design is unique and important to Him, and worth studying to get to know Him.  The application for me is recognize I am a lamp stand which God has intricately designed for a purpose, if I don't understand my design, and purpose I may misrepresent myself by filling other purposes.   A 75 lb lamp stand could be used as a door stop, a coat rack, or perhaps just a decoration in you house. But unless it is filled with oil (Holy Spirit), and lit, it cannot shine the light of God's truth and glory, its true purpose.  I am to make sure I understand my one and only purpose, is to shine God's like, in the unique places He has placed me.

P - Dear heavenly Father, thank you for your wisdom, guidance, and patience with me as I continue to grow in your truth and  wisdom.  I pray Lord for revelation of your purpose and uniqueness of my creation, so that I might align perfectly with you in serving my uniquely designed purpose.   I pray all this in Jesus name, Amen.

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