Thursday, April 3, 2014

One true God and King of All

S -  Judges 17:6 
And in those days there was no King in Israel, and each man did what is right in his own eyes.

O - This is the challenge that the Israelite faced after they where delivered into the promised land.   In Egypt they were captive under Pharaoh.  Under Moses, led by God they were led out of bondage.   Under Joshua they were led to take the promised land and defeat it inhabitants and claim their promise.  Now they have settled into their promise from God but they have forgotten that all along that God was their Lord and King and not a man.  They were given written down commandments to follow, but eventually they end up in this condition where each man simply does what is right in their own eyes.   Micah in this chapter is given silver by his mother to form a graven image to worship and makes himself a priest.  This is what is right in his own eyes despite what the History of what God has done for the people of Israel.

A -  It saddens my heart to make this comparison with our own country, whose values and leadership have gone from One Nation,  Under God.  To one nation, under many gods.   To a moral relativism that teaches and encourages individuals to seek and create their own truth and be true to your own truth.  In other words do what is right in your own eyes.   It is easy to see what a slippery slope that is and what trouble it can get you into if there is no absolute truth about which we center ourselves.  So I must first apply the lesson to myself and my family, that I commit I will live by the truth that God has put in the Bible, that there is one God, that he sent his son Jesus to reconcile my sinful self with his righteous self, so that I may walk connected to Him, and be a part of His kingdom her on earth, and one day in heaven.

P - Dear heavenly Father thank you for this lesson today, may it be sealed to my heart.  I pray Lord that you use me and lead me to point people back to the absolute truth that you are our Lord , and our Savior.  If we choose to follow the Truth we will be aligned with the One true God, if not we will be alone and fighting against the forces of this world.

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